Bad Hare Day

March 19, 2014 § 1 Comment


The hare. Another of Britain’s elusive wild creatures. I have never seen a wild hare close up. Sometime when I am travelling on a train, and daydreaming out of the window, I spot a pair of enormous ears sticking up out of a field of corn.

Most of the wildlife I see is from a train, actually. I like travelling by train. Railways take more rural roots than roads do. Roads are boring. I once drove down the M4 for a long way, and got so bored of seeing grey tarmac that I could hardly concentrate on my driving. I always get distracted by the things I’m driving past anyway. Interesting trees, pretty houses, factories. You miss it all when you focus on the road.

Once I saw a monkey out of a train window. True story. It was just outside of Reading. I was gazing listlessly out of the train window when I saw a long legged furry creature with a very long tail run across a field and up a tree. It was so unmistakably a monkey that I immediately called up several people to tell them about it. They humored me, but I think no one took me seriously. Is seeing a monkey living wild in Britain so unbelievable?

Anyway, again I digress. This is about hares, not monkeys, Although I should make a monkey in memory of my mysterious British primate.

I’ve been working on this hare for about a week, and she is finally finished. I have a couple of progress photos here. In the first you can see the wire armature and undyed wool that I start with, and then the process of adding colour on top



And the finished hare in all her glory.





I tried to add a bit more detail to this one, shaping her paws and not just leaving them rounded as I often do. I’m quite pleased with the result.


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§ One Response to Bad Hare Day

  • shes lovely, although she looks a lot smaller than the one I nearly ran over in northumberland last year..

    A friend of mine swears he ocne saw a large ape climbing the walls of scarborough castle early one morning

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