That’s totally jawsome!

October 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

Hello there! And yes the terrible puns continue.

I have been away from this blog for a while, due to my developing career as a theatre designer. For the past few months I have been making puppets, performing in the rain halfway up Caerphilly mountain, hastily designing and making costumes in Aberdeen, and designing and painting a large theatre set in Cardiff. Exhausting work! Despite that taking up most of my time, I have still managed to needle felt in between, but my blog has been a little neglected. So I’m aiming to add posts about all the things I have missed over the next few weeks.

This is about my shark!


The largest needle felted sculpture I have every made, he’s about 40cm across, yet weighs a measley 100g!

I was a bit fed up with making cute things, and wanted to see if it was at all possible to make a felted animal look scary. I’m now not sure it is. Despite the rows of razor sharp (and woolly) teeth, and blood stained mouth, he still has a kind of goofy charm about him.

This is the real mouth of a great white shark. Truly terrifying up close, yes?

shark 2
This is the mouth of my needle felted shark. Terrifying? I THINK NOT!

I did have a lot of fun making him, especially adding the teeth.

shark wip2

shark dentistry
A bit of hasty shark dentistry. WARNING: Do not try this on real shark!

shark 3

So there we have it. A fluffy shark. I’m focusing on the more absurd, scary or disgusting animals from now on. much more fun!


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