April 3, 2015 § 1 Comment

We finally have internet again! And a house that is vaguely sorted out (downstairs at least, we don’t mention upstairs…) I also have a house-warming cold, which is nice. Things are coming together.

My felting has suffered a bit, I’m afraid to say. Most of my time has been taken up buying furniture, assembling said furniture and moving stuff around.  I did complete a couple of commissions recently though, and I even have some photos of one to show.

This one was a memorial sculpture of a lady’s dog, which sadly passed away a few years ago. The dog was a lurcher called Twiggy. Lurchers have a beautiful shape which was really nice to recreate in felt.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished thing.


DSC_0924 (2)



I especially liked doing her fluffy tail! I like a creature that has a bit of fluff, but not too much, as I learned with doing the aye aye. Very fluffy animals are time consuming, but all the same it is satisfying doing long fur.

It was also really nice to create a model of someone’s much loved pet, and get really lovely feedback on it. It was harder work than creating a random animal, as I wanted to get it as perfect as possible, but ultimately more satisfying as there is a more personal element to the work! I really hope I did Twiggy justice!

Anyway, I now have shelves, a desk and a designated working area and so I will be able to focus on all the projects I have been planning for but not had the time or space to do! I have a whole box of raw wool to wash and many projects in mind to use it for (more adventurous hats and a puppet to name but a few!)


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