I’m a FUNgi!

June 18, 2015 § 2 Comments


Jokes aside, I like making needle felted toadstools. I have done a few different things with them, put them on mobiles, had them growing out of wizards hats etc.

They are good because they are quick to make, but also bright and eye catching.

On a seemingly unrelated note, the other day I was wondering around Bristol town centre when I happened to walk past The Island (an arts centre that I have so far never been into) and they appeared to have some kind of frame stall set up. I stopped to have a rummage around, and found a basket of little cheap gold frames. I’m a bit like a magpie, I love glittery things, and I am inexplicably fond of of the colour gold. Not actual gold, like the metal, but things that are painted gold. I have gold boots and a gold bike helmet, and sometimes I even wear them together!

Anyway, I bought 4 of the smallest gold frames, thinking that I would put little pictures in them and put them up in my house. By the time I arrived home I realised an even better idea – I could put felting in them! (Strange it took me that long to come to that conclusion really) Not just any felting either, but 3D pieces coming out of the frame. A few days later I started work on the first one, a simple idea but an effective one, I hope. Toadstools growing out of the frame.

WP_20150616_004 WP_20150616_010

WP_20150616_008 WP_20150616_007

There’s not mushROOM in those frames…

I don’t know any more mushroom jokes…

I think it was a successful experiment. I have two frames left, and I may buy more if I can come up with more ideas of what to come out of them. I was thinking an octopus or deep sea creature would be cool.


Of cats and Carders

June 12, 2015 § 5 Comments

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog for a while

I seem to start every blog post I write with that apology. I have genuine intentions of updating this blog regularly, as I do have a lot to write about, and it would be nice to write about each thing as a separate post instead of lumping it all together, but hey ho. I’ve had a lot on (always that excuse)

I got a new job which I have been working alongside the old one, so I have had very few days off, and in those rare days I seem to spend all my time doing cleaning and laundry. I am also taking care of some rather beautiful cats for my sister, and they are very very distracting (pictures to follow)

My new job is in Tyntesfield, which is a National Trust property. Its really beautiful and I love working there, despite the 10 miles I have to cycle to get there!

But back to felting.

Fairly recently I made a triceratops, which was fun. I made up the colours because I think dinosaurs were probably really quite boring colours and that’s not very exciting. And also I had a lot of pinks and purples that I haven’t used for anything.



I am making this one a brachiosaurus friend, which is so close to completion, but I have been working on it for so long that I doubt it will ever be finished. I haven’t had time to sit down and focus properly on anything. I will finish him one day. I promise.

A more recent completion, but also something I have been working on for a while, is the hare hat.


This needs photos of someone wearing it to do it justice, but here it is being worn by a bowl.

I am please with this one. everything except the eyes and inside of the ears was made from shetland wool that I washed and dyed. The Shetland fleece was so filthy and greasy that I thought I’d never use it for anything, but I finally did! Which leads me on to something else.

I bought a drum carder.


Already fed up with hand carding fleece (which is quite hard on the wrists) I decided to take the plunge and buy one of the most expensive things I have ever purchased. Its beautiful and handmade, but it is probably the most specific thing I have ever bought. It only does one thing. It combs wool. I really have to keep processing fleece now to make it worth my while. Luckily my shed is full of raw fleece so I think I have no problem there!

I have also started doing more workshops. I have joined The Art Troupe, which organises workshops around Bristol and the surrounding areas. I did two days of wet felting workshops in a Bristol primary school, teaching nursery through to year two how to make wet felt. I had no previous experience of working with that age group. It was exhausting, but really rewarding. We stitched all the felt they made together into a huge wall hanging to go on the school wall.



The grey cat is Sandra. She loved the wool but had to be moved on as she started clawing at it!

Finally, I did another craft fair – Bspoke16 in Emersons Green in Bristol. I hadn’t really had time to make anything new, but I sold a few of my old things, and I even sold a hat! (one with mushrooms on it, which sadly I never properly photographed)


The next fair I will be attending is The British Wool show in York, which will be a bit of an adventure. We are going to stay in York for a couple of days too as I have never been there.

More info on that to follow.

Also, here is a picture of the other cat, Noel. He is sweet, he purrs like and engine and roles on his back all the time. When he arrived he was a bit stressed and hid under some shelves for a week, but now we are the best of friends. He is Sandra’s brother. She is the intelligent one. He is a bit simple but he’s very sweet.


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