I’m a FUNgi!

June 18, 2015 § 2 Comments


Jokes aside, I like making needle felted toadstools. I have done a few different things with them, put them on mobiles, had them growing out of wizards hats etc.

They are good because they are quick to make, but also bright and eye catching.

On a seemingly unrelated note, the other day I was wondering around Bristol town centre when I happened to walk past The Island (an arts centre that I have so far never been into) and they appeared to have some kind of frame stall set up. I stopped to have a rummage around, and found a basket of little cheap gold frames. I’m a bit like a magpie, I love glittery things, and I am inexplicably fond of of the colour gold. Not actual gold, like the metal, but things that are painted gold. I have gold boots and a gold bike helmet, and sometimes I even wear them together!

Anyway, I bought 4 of the smallest gold frames, thinking that I would put little pictures in them and put them up in my house. By the time I arrived home I realised an even better idea – I could put felting in them! (Strange it took me that long to come to that conclusion really) Not just any felting either, but 3D pieces coming out of the frame. A few days later I started work on the first one, a simple idea but an effective one, I hope. Toadstools growing out of the frame.

WP_20150616_004 WP_20150616_010

WP_20150616_008 WP_20150616_007

There’s not mushROOM in those frames…

I don’t know any more mushroom jokes…

I think it was a successful experiment. I have two frames left, and I may buy more if I can come up with more ideas of what to come out of them. I was thinking an octopus or deep sea creature would be cool.


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