A Felting workshop with the Art Troupe

July 1, 2015 § 1 Comment

I have been working with The Art Troupe delivering workshops, which is great. I love teaching, and needle felting especially is a pleasure to teach as people seem to love it (despite the risks of stabbing their hands!)

Last Sunday, I did two workshops in Weston-Super-Mare for a diabetes action day. I did wet felting with four to nine year old and needle felting with ten to sixteens.

The day was for the parents to attend a few talks and lectures about diabetes, while the kids got to do fun workshops. The other workshop available was circus skills!

As it was a day about diabetes, I decided to teach felting based on this. So the first group did wet felting inspired by microscopic images of beta cells. They had a lot of fun making a big soapy mess, and all created lovely colourful bits of wet felt to take home.

The second group really got into the needle felting. I taught them how to make pancreases with smiley faces, and they all worked really hard right up till the last minute of the workshop. The results were fantastic.

A photo of the finished pancreases

It was a great day for young people with diabetes to get together, meet each other and learn new things. The results of the workshop were fantastic, and I hope everyone had as nice a day as I did!

For more workshops from the artists of The Art Troupe, have a look at The Art Troupe website


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