Stop badgering me!

August 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

… Is what I would say to a badger if I ever met one, and he would probably yawn and roll his eyes, as I imagine every badger has hear that one before…

This is relevant because of my badger hat (I’m not just badgering on for no good reason HAHAHA…)

It featured briefly in my previous post, but I haven’t actually posted any proper pictures of it, so here you go –




Modelled quite delightfully there by me, the setting is The National Trust Tyntesfield, a lovely old Victorian country house near Bristol where I also happen to work (so I gained free entry)

So there you have it.


Woolly Wild Adventures in York!

August 9, 2015 § 2 Comments

On Friday and Saturday I had a stall at the British Wool Show, which took place in York. Now as some of you might know, I live in Bristol. York is rather far away, but I had always wanted to visit it, so thought I could combine a woolly escapade with a holiday.

So off we went to York, with a car full of Woolly Wild Things, and almost with the cats, who desperately tried to pack themselves.


We had a couple of days to wonder around the city of York, exploring its picturesque winding streets and excessive number of pubs. We passed many a ghost tour taking place, but unfortunately didn’t have time to join one ourselves.

Then it was on to York Auction Mart, to set up for the show!

DSC_1062 - Copy




There were loads of other stalls there, all wool related. Many different types of wool, yarn, fleece. I spent quite a lot on restocking my wool supplies, and got rather overexcited! I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more fleece but somehow went home with a whole beautiful grey shetland fleece.

I had a great two days, talking to people about my craft, and letting people try on my hats. I met lots of other people who were passionate about wool, and it was nice to talk to people who were as genuinely as interested in it as I am. I was given lots of useful tips on washing and dyeing fleece which I can’t wait to try out.



My stand at the wool fair


Ding some work.






Sleepy Marcus hides under a series of hats.

I’m back in Bristol now, and have spent most of today washing fleece. I have a huge backlog as I got four whole fleeces from a farmer in Devon only a couple of weeks ago! So much fleece, so little time.


A garden full of fleece


Washed fleece drying!

Now that the wool fair is over, I’m going to focus on some big projects. All the fleece I have will be used in more hats and some other costume pieces I have in mind. The wool fair was a very inspiring setting, it has definitely encouraged me to make more!

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