October 28, 2015 § 2 Comments

I know what it is I wish to make. I have an image in my head, mostly. Or sometimes I have an idea, and the image is unclear.

I find it fascinating how the work evolves as it is being made. This is something that seems to be true of the medium of felt. Part of the joy of making felt is its unpredictability – the experimentation that is necessary to make anything specific.

Part if the design is up to me, but a lot of it (this is more true for wet felting) is up to the environment, and the material itself. So I make a shape, and from that the rest of the thing is born.

So yes, I can decide to make a hare hat, or a badger, or some wings, but it will always come out slightly different or not as I expected. Often much better than I expected.

This is very true of the project I have been working on today.

I wanted to make a mask. a bird mask.

So I cut out a bird head sort of shaped resist, and wet felted around it with grey.

It came out looking a bit like a knights helmet, which I liked realy, but as I began to put the detail on it changed. somewhere along the line I started adding fur, and before I knew it I was making the whole head furry.

I never consciously decided to this.

Here is the finished mask, photographed with the wings on Troopers Hill, Bristol.


I think the creature I have created is melancholy because he wishes to fly, only he can’t because his wings are so small.






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