Hello Spring!

April 6, 2017 § Leave a comment

I get a bit fed up over winter. I think I should be hibernating, but alas that’s not really an option in the modern world.

But luckily now I can safely say that it is Spring! The sun is shining, and I saw a bumble bee in my garden – which is wonderful considering my garden is in fact just a sad little yard and doesn’t have any flowers in it… yet (I WILL plant flowers, I promise you, bees!)

I work at Tyntesfield, which is a lovely National Trust property with a Victorian house and huge garden. There is plenty of wildlife there at the moment, deer, buzzards, kestrels and plenty of bees and butterflies. Its getting busier as the weather is nicer, so I am in work a bit more at the moment.

I have had a few days off this week, and yesterday I went on a cycling adventure to Dyrham Park, which is another National Trust place. Its about 9 miles from Bristol (where I live) and it does involve cycling up two horrifically steep hills. Worth it though for the views at the top.


I stopped for a cup of coffee and some cake before cycling home again.

For anyone interested, I followed cycle routes 4 (which follows the Bristol Bath Railway Path), 410, and 17. I found some interesting things along the way, including this derelict building, which had something to do with mining. I did read the sign about it, but that was yesterday, and I have now completely forgotten what it said.


Today the sun was still shining, so I finally got round to doing some much needed wool washing. I was given an enormous mystery fleece by a friend’s mum and its been sitting in my shed for months.

I only got through about a third of it today as its so big and I need to do some house cleaning now.


Here’s some drying on the washing line –


I have got¬†some things I need to make. I’ve had a bit of a felting break for the last couple of weeks, but its time to start making again!




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