A bit of felting, a bit of exploring

July 7, 2017 § Leave a comment


I have done a gentle bit of felting in the past few weeks. I have also been exploring Bristol more by bike. Turns out there are lots of lovely places within cycling distance of my house, that I had no idea even existed.

Felting first. I have had a few commissions off etsy, including a couple of badgers, a squirrel and a little lynx badge. I did manage to get a couple of photos before they all bounded off to their new homes.


I am actually running out of dyed wool, and I desperately need to dye some more oranges and reds, as a lot of creatures are that rusty red colour!

Its on my increasingly large to-do list.

I was carding some wool today, but I can’t for the life of me remember what kind of sheep it came from. I got it from Wonderwool Festival in April. I have a lot of wool in my shed which all needs washing, and some of it sadly got infested with moths. Which I guess is what will happen if you leave wool in open bags in your shed for a year. You live and learn, right?

I saved my inside wool by sorting it into separate bags, and now I actually have a wool storage system – which is something I never had before. It used to just be sort of everywhere. But I panicked when I saw moths scoping it out and I had a massive clear out. Much better now. Easier to find stuff too – turned out the best solution was ziplock freezer bags and those huge laundry bags with zips from IKEA.

The weather has been hot. My long haired cats are suffering. I have spent many an afternoon fanning Sandra with a piece of paper. I’m not sure if she likes it or not, but I’m worried about her getting heatstroke.

Cycled to the Blaize Castle Estate yesterday, in 30 degree heat. Its up a huge hill (as are most things in Bristol). I didn’t find the castle, but there was a museum, where I found some creepy dolls.


Seriously, why are dolls so scary!? Stuff of nightmares.

And talking about the stuff of nightmares, today I went out for lunch with my mum to Arnos Vale Cemetery, which is an amazing overgrown graveyard, and it turns out that the furnace they used for cremations is still there under the cafe. You can go down and have a look at it, its just next to the toilets, and it may be one of the most unsettling things I have ever seen.

A photo won’t do it justice, but I took one anyway –


I think it might haunt my dreams forever more…

The rest of the cemetery is a beautiful, overgrown sort of nature reserve, with trees growing up through old graves, and long grass and butterflies. Its peaceful, but as I walked round, at the back of my mind I was aware of that monster lurking under the depths of the cafe…


If you are looking for something to do in Bristol it is certainly worth a visit!

That’s all for today, off to card more wool now!

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